Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Restaurant Selection

Consider the following limitations:
  • The restaurant must take reservations.
  • It must be able to comfortably seat a party of twelve.
  • It must have alcohol--wine, beer and liquor.
  • It must be on the Portland Peninsula, and thus be within walking distance or easy cabbing distance of one of the downtown hotels with conference facilities.
  • It must be open in early May, and on Monday evenings.

Within those limitations, which five restaurants would you select to exemplify the best of Portland?

I ask because I just came back from a day-job-related conference in Newport, Rhode Island, which may be held here next year instead, and if it is I will likely be asked to compile the list and logistically arrange for "dinner groups". In anticipation of such a hard task, I will be dining in the coming weeks at restaurants that would be strong candidates for such a list--and posting about them.

1 comment:

  1. Grace. If it were any other day than Monday, I would have said Caiola's.